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J. Sinclair/CONCEPIA LLC J. Sinclair/CONCEPIA LLC Katty & Natasha at Jackson's Beach.

So sometimes the universe works in my favor. I was just starting to think about finding a model to shoot Natasha with when this young woman emailed me through Model Mayhem. This is a website where models, MUA's, and photographers can connect for projects. You build connections and 'friends', post casting calls, or generally search for a specific look. As luck would have it Katty was exactly what I had in mind, and so we met for coffee, she signed release forms, and a time set for the following day.

There is a current trend it seems in custom motorcycle photography to use industrial settings to shoot motorcycles in. I can see the appeal; the textures and shapes of a disused factory provide an excellent juxtaposition for a completely rebuilt custom motorcycle. And had I access to something similar I would probably do the same. (Actually, I have a vision of shooting in an empty parking garage. Not any garage but one I found myself in a few months ago while visiting friends in Oklahoma City. It was amazingly pristine inside; the walls were totally white and uniform. It could easily be the inside of a modern art gallery.)

But I live in Friday Harbor, which is an island in the Pacific Northwest, so it made sense to look for something near water. A beach shoot would have been fun, if perhaps hard to move around in; the beaches here being less sandy and more pebble strewn than anything else. So I found a location near Jackson's Beach where there was a suitable stable bluff further inland to shoot on.

It was incredibly hard to edit down to these final twelve images. Katty did a great job battling with the onshore breeze that constantly blew her hair out of place, and the low morning sun was hard to squint against, but I think she did pretty well. Her and Natasha make quite the striking pair.

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