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J. Sinclair/CONCEPIA LLC J. Sinclair/CONCEPIA LLC Removing the OEM coating off the levers.

Just a few more small things on Natasha and it'll be time to attempt the first engine start. Tomorrow I get the tank back so will be able to finish off the seat brackets and fit the rear brake lights and turn signals. I filled her up with oil (3.2 quarts of Castrol GTX 10W-40) today, and finished polishing the brake and clutch levers, which meant I could fill the brake lines with brake fluid and bleed them. That just leaves a few minor items to finish: install new horn, reinstall the return springs on the foot-pegs, connect the rear brake switch spring, tighten the headlamp brackets, install the cotter pins on the front and rear wheel axles, install the new spark plugs (I checked their gaps today: anywhere between 0.5 and 0.8mm), install the new crankcase vent filter, install new fuel filter and connect lines to carbs/tank, reconfigure the carb vent lines so that they are tidier, figure out a way to securely isolate where the the tachometer cable exits the engine, add the turn signal alert buzzer, print new decals for the handlebar switches (I bought some inkjet printable silver foil, we'll see if that works.).

Actually, that's quite a bit of stuff left, so perhaps we won't get ignition for a few more days.

Today I also installed a pigtail so that the battery can be charged up easily. I am noticing a higher than expected parasitic drain on the battery from the RFID components so there may have to be some heavy thinking on that aspect of Natasha.

Current hours on build: 183.0 

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