Ya Beauty!

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J. Sinclair/CONCEPIA LLC J. Sinclair/CONCEPIA LLC Green means GO!

So after yesterday's less than stellar day I was keen to get back in the saddle so-to-speak. Something I learned from my ex-wife, who trains horses to do amazing things, is that always finish on a good note; even if it's something you've done a million times before, don't end the training session on a bad note. Even if I had just tidied up the workshop I might have felt better than going to bed in a funk. And speaking about that, I usually do tidy things up so that the next day it's a nice space to start work in again. I didn't this time, and potentially that could have been a disastrous error. Why? I left my soldering iron on. Worse than that I left my soldering iron on underneath Natasha. I got lucky. Natasha/Misha didn't burn to the ground, and my iron is fine, if perhaps a little tired for being on a solid 24 hours. I ground down the tip and re-tinned the end.

The problem was a grounding issue. I thought I could save some space and wire all the LED earths/grounds/negatives, whatever you want to call them, together and have only five wires exiting the turn signal stalk instead of eight. But that screwed up the relay circuits, so had to rewire the stalk for four pairs of independent wires. I also repaired the LED circuit board by dumping a gob of solder over the broken wire; not very pretty but it works. I did try to tidy up the superglue/white plastic mess, but it still doesn't look so good. The Dremel took a bunch of the plastic away but couldn't really get into the corners between the body and the LED mounts. I went a little crazy and ground too much, and took the tops of the LEDs off, which is good to know I can do I guess: they still work fine. I'll be ordering another set of turn signals and LEDs to make a new one, but not right now. Everything works as it should and I'm happy to leave it at that.

The inside of the headlamp isn't super tidy but it's functional. I tie-wrapped some of the larger cables together and stuck them to the inside of the shell, creating a donut ring of cabling. Everything is Velcro'd in place and the body of the headlamp fits on without any force. The RFID triggers once the key-fob is about 1/4" away from the very top of the headlamp, and the alert 'beep' is loud but not annoyingly so. Enough to be heard with a helmet on. And all the LEDs light up as they should. Ya beauty! :)

Current hours on build: 161.0 

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