Liquid Insulation

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J. Sinclair/CONCEPIA LLC J. Sinclair/CONCEPIA LLC Crossing over to the Dark Side

Just a quick entry today. I successfully drilled and tapped the hole in the rear sprocket for the hall effect sensor magnet. I didn't quite have the right sized drill bit for cutting a 6mm x 1.00 hole; I should have used a 5mm, but Lowes in their infinite wisdom do not stock metric drill bits. So I used a 13/64 bit, which is about 5.15mm. Positioning the hole was a little tricky as I couldn't drill all the way through the sprocket without hitting the mounting plate behind it: I needed some space for the tap to exit enough to cut the right sized thread all the way through. As it was I got lucky and hit the right spot where there was some void in the mounting plate. I love tapping holes by the way; something about turning the tap 1/2 a turn, then a 1/4 turn back, back and forth, back and forth, feeling the threads being cut in a raw hole. It's pretty cool. What can I say, I'm a tool geek.

The new speedo/tachometer has a built in clock, but I didn't connect the constant positive wire to it as there wasn't one close by in the loom. I didn't see a need for the clock to be on all the time and had thought there would be a battery backup for when the ignition is off so that it remembers the time. Well, there isn't. So rather than see the time continually be reset back to 12:00 I ran a line back down the loom until I knew where there was a constant voltage available. I then spliced open the loom at this point and adding the speedo wire, then wrapped everything back up including the speedo sensor wire that I had extended yesterday. Once everything was back together I took the magnet and moved it in front of the hall effect sensor to simulate the rear wheel turning. My movements got us up to 25mph, and we traveled 0.3 miles while standing still! Oh, and the clock is on all the time now. Sweet.

I shortened the antenna line on the RFID receiver, and replaced the LED with an audio alarm (as explained in the previous post I shorted out the first RFID board), then sprayed it completely with Spray Liquid Tape. The manufacturer recommends doing multiple light coats but it really comes out quite thick, so I think we'll end up with multiple thick coats, which is probably okay. It takes a while to dry so I'll be doing this over a few days to get enough coverage frontside and back. I did the custom relay board I made too. 

I noticed online yesterday that the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride is in thirteen days, on the 29th of September. Can I get Natasha finished and running for that? It is certainly something to aim for. 

Current hours on build: 141.0 

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