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J. Sinclair/CONCEPIA LLC J. Sinclair/CONCEPIA LLC A steady hand and barely enough edge to work on.

The new speedo/tachometer required a custom made bracket to fit it to the top of triple clamp. I bought some 1" x 1/4" flat aluminum bar from Lowes and traced out the dimensions of the triple clamp on some cardboard. This wasn't a very complicated piece to make but I still had fun regardless, and was very happy with the end result. I think I've mentioned this before, but I have a new found patience when it comes to working these days. I take the time to get things right, not necessarily perfect, but at least right to the point where I am proud of the end result. There was a time where my perfectionist streak would make me rush, and in the end that was totally counterproductive. Years ago when I was sky-diving, my instructor would say "Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast". How true that saying is for me today.

So with an awesome bracket made for the speedo/tachometer (I'm going to paint it flat black to match everything else), I started to check the rest of the writing loom. I hooked up the battery and spliced together the ignition wires, much in the same way you would hot wire a car, as the parts to make the keyless ignition system have not arrived yet. When I went to turn on one of the turn signals, nothing happened. :( After a quick check of power and continuity with my voltmeter I discovered I had forgotten to screw down the main wiring loom ground to the frame. Once that was done I had power to the bike and everything worked. Yay! I didn't turn the bike over as I still have not filled the engine up with oil, but tested all the lights and horn, which sounded incredibly feeble, as if the three decades of neglect were emanating from it's very core. So I think we'll be shopping for a newer (and happier) horn tonight.

I also have to purchase some load resistors as the LED turn signals do not trigger the relay. But I think I more than likely purchase a new turn signal relay designed specifically for LEDs. has one here that will work, and will simply replace the existing Suzuki one. Why do the LEDs not flash? Well, because they draw so little current there isn't enough to trigger the relay. 

I also temporarily hooked up the new speedo/tachometer. I'll splice the pigtail into the wiring loom tomorrow; I just wanted to see that it worked as a last little project for today. As Natasha does not have a fuel sensor in the tank I will have to find a way of faking the tank being full, so that the speedo/tachometer registers a full-tank and doesn't keep flashing that it's empty: it does this when there is nothing connected to it. Just a question of finding the right resistor to get that to happen. I do love the blue dial illumination.

Current hours on build: 122.0 

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