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J. Sinclair/CONCEPIA LLC J. Sinclair/CONCEPIA LLC Iron & Air teeshirts are super cool.

I think the most exciting part of the build occurred today: Putting the new headlamp on! It is so beautiful; such a simple object but the perfectness of the chrome/glass lens and the wonderful sultry shape speaks volumes about what cafe racers and classic motorcycles are all about. Timeless beauty.

Once that was done I drilled a couple of holes in the oh-so-perfect headlamp mounts. I really hesitated about doing this and looked for alternatives to mounting the turn-signals, but really it made the most sense to mount them there. So after measuring about a bazillion times I went ahead and drilled into them. Because the mounts taper in every so slightly, the turn signals are not completely perpendicular to the direction of travel. But I think if I take them off and shave some of the rubber mounts at an angle, that problem will be cured easily.

Next up came mounting the handlebars. I purchased these classic Clubman style bars from Dime City Cycles. I have to fabricate a little bracket out of aluminum to mount the new speedo/tachometer, that requires a trip to Lowes for materials, so tomorrow's project. 

Since I had the new headlamp and turn signals mounted I started to think about the wiring loom and returning some of the things I had taken off. I put back the ignition coils then started the arduous task of cleaning the old loom. With a heathy quantity of Purple Power, it came up not too bad. I'm not putting it back in completely without testing everything, since some rewiring will be required with the moving of the ignition unit, regulator/rectifier, and starter solenoid to under the seat. I also have to figure out the the wiring for the new speedo/tachometer, and since I am replacing the keyed ignition with a simple toggle switch hidden underneath the seat, that will also take a little bit of ingenuity

After about four downloads I finally found a wiring diagram online that actually matches Natasha. So now it's just a question of identifying the right wires and splicing/extending them where necessary. (The last four photographs show the parts of the loom I wanted more detail on. After reviewing the wiring diagram I know now what those bits are and what needs to be done.)

 Current hours on build: 116.0 

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