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So here we are at the end... well, the end of the build at least. Next up is tuning the bike with the new carbs/exhaust. And I imagine that's going to be quite challenging, but with careful experimentation and scientific observation, I think Natasha will be able to hit the ton soon enough. As I write this, the bleak winter days seem to have lifted from Pittsburgh, and it looks almost like I could take Natasha for a ride in the next couple of days. 

It has been quite the journey, and I have learned a LOT. Really. Even right up to the very last minute there were lessons to be learned. Example: When I put the tank on, I somehow managed to knock off the fuel line to the righthand carb. Which meant when I turned the petcock on and watched as the fuel flowed from the tank, through the lovely fuel filter and into the carbs, half of it went down the side of the carbs and all over my nice new engine paint job. Gas + Paint = Not Paint Anymore. Bum! So there will be some touching up to do before I shoot Natasha in the photography studio next week.

But without a doubt, this has been a FUN project. And I cannot wait till I have a proper workshop to start the next 450. Let's set a provisional start date for March 2015, shall we? :)

(Note: When you watch the live action part of the build video you will notice that I look exhausted. That's because I am. Work is crazy busy and I barely get enough sleep to fulfill my body's needs right now. I need a vacation. A long one.)

Happy building, John S.

Total hours on build: 215.0


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