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J. Sinclair/CONCEPIA LLC J. Sinclair/CONCEPIA LLC More of a dull grey, wouldn't you say?

So after a week at home on the island, and then two weeks of working in the ROC, I finally got back into working on Natasha. Today was a day for bigness; I mean bigness in terms of rapid progress, which of course means painting, as that always makes for quick transformations. And the weather was exceptionally nice, so after buying a small collapsible table from Lowes to use as a painting platform, I 'humphed' the engine outside (I guess it's about a 100lbs) and set about doing a final cleaning and degreasing, then masking off everything that I didn't want to be black.

I used two whole cans of Rust-Oleum's High Heat Spray, which is really meant for things like barbecues and stoves, but with a temperature rating of up to 1200F I figured it was a safe bet for use on an air cooled engine. Alas, it has dried to something less than black, more like a dull grey color, which I am not too thrilled about. I'll see what it looks like tomorrow against the frame that I sprayed today too. If the color difference is too much then I have some options: Rust-Oleum make a even higher temperature paint, called High Heat Ultra, which comes in a semi-gloss black, so that might be worth testing. I can also try their High Temp Engine paint which may be a stronger black.

And I also sprayed the frame and swing arm today, using Rust-Oleum's Professional High Performance Enamel Spray in flat black. Prior to spraying I took some time to clean up all the rough welds, using JB Weld as a metal filler in places. I then rubbed down the whole frame with some coarse emery cloth, and gave it a good degreasing before letting it dry in the sun. Both have come up brilliantly, although I may rub down the swing arm one more time; there are a few imperfections I would like to take care of before everything goes back together.

Current hours on build: 70.0 

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