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J. Sinclair/CONCEPIA LLC J. Sinclair/CONCEPIA LLC There is nothing quite like quality tools.

So if you remember during the tear down of Natasha I broke an exhaust header bolt in the engine. I was going to drill it out and re-tap the hole to a larger bolt size, but during my surfing of Amazon looking for the appropriately well made tap to do the job I stumbled upon a company called Time-Sert.

Basically their product allows you to drill out the broken bolt and the existing threads, then recut new threads such that a small steel insert can be screwed in and locked in place. The beauty of this system is that it allows you to retain the original bolt size. I ordered the kit from Amazon (You'll find it here), and was really surprised by the quality of the tools that came, but then again the little kit cost me $67.30; and that covers only one thread size! The tap and correctly sized drill bit are all really good tool steel in a nice little box to hold everything; the instructions are pretty clear and simple. I had this little problem taken care of in about ten minutes. 

Second good thing to happen today was that the parts that I ordered from Dime City Cycles arrived a day early. It was almost like Christmas had come early as I unpacked all the parts and looked at everything that was shiny. I am most pleased with everything that came, especially the tires which are going to look awesome on Natasha. I went with a dual sport design as she is going to be riding on some dirt roads on the island; that super aggressive grip might be a bit noisy on the roads, but come time to go down a slippery gravel driveway, you'll be thanking me for my fortitude. These will also give Natasha a bit of a Mad Max look to her. If you don't know that that means, shame on you! Educate yourself here.

Oh, and the weather here in Canonsburg has been getting unbearably hot. The inside of Misha turning into an oven (>85F), so I went to Lowes and bought a small window AC and installed it on the driver's side. Things are a lot cooler now!

Here is the list of things I ordered:

"The Coveted" Mikuni VM34mm Carburetor -Left Side - (Standard Jetting) 001-030 1 $114.95
"The Coveted" Mikuni VM34mm Carburetor, Right Side - (Standard Jetting) 001-052 1 $114.95
K&N Air Filter Pod - (57mm/2-2/10") 005-636 2 $91.90
The Cafe Racer TV "Everything Old Is Cool Again" Graphic tee - (Black)
CRTV-LRIDER-L 1 $21.95
Kenda K761 Dual Sport Tire - (110/80-18) 28-6153 1 $89.95
Clubman Handlebars - (Chrome) 23-12538 1 $39.95
7" Chrome Classic British Style Headlight Assembly (DOT Approved) 6635-26 1 $74.95
Acewell 2853 Digital Speedometer/Tachometer - (Chrome) 19-2853-CH 1 $209.00
Black Fiberglass Exhaust/Header Wrap - (1" Wide x 50' Roll) 66-0804 1 $49.95
Vintage OEM Style Fork Boots aka: Gaiters 716-1001 1 $19.95
ProGrip Style 717 Grips - (Black w/ Red) 19-7173 1 $14.95
"Retro-Slim" Chrome Eye to Eye Shock Absorbers - (320mm/12.50") 32-0227 1 $97.95
12" "Shorty" Muffler 80-03310 2 $59.90
Mikuni Carburetor Tuning Manual 002-999 1 $13.00
Retro Glass & Chrome Inline Fuel Filter 603514 1 $11.95
UNI UP-123 Push In Crankcase Breather Filter 14-9855 1 $13.95
The Cafe Racer TV "Everything Old Is Cool Again" Text tee
Kenda K761 Dual Sport Tire - (120/80-18) 28-6154 1 $98.95
Subtotal $1,160.10
Shipping & Handling $60.60
Grand Total $1,220.70

Current hours on build: 16.0

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