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J. Sinclair/CONCEPIA LLC J. Sinclair/CONCEPIA LLC This is definitely a 'Before' shot.

The cleaning of the engine continues, and with that task, my patience is gradually diminishing. There are so many corners and crevices to clean in an air-cooled engine, it feels like I will never be done. For a little instant gratification I took off the heavily rusted cylinder head acorn nuts, picked up the right sized bolt to screw them securely onto, then used a brass wire brush on my drill to give them a good cleaning. Yes, it scratched them to pieces but since I'm going to be spraying the whole cylinder head with high temp black paint (I think anyway, depends on how things start to clean up), the imperfection created by this somewhat brutal cleaning method will be hidden. I also did the same with the starter motor cover. Shiny shiny now.

Secondly, none of my cleaning brushes can fit where I need them most. So a little 'Necessity is the mother of invention' moment later, and a slightly longer trip to Lowes, I came back with some 3/16" brass tubing, some braided wire and a crazy idea. As you can see from the photos, it is a remarkably simple idea, and works none too bad. Yes, the strands of the wire get really messed up after a while from being jammed in between the fins, but you just put the tube back in the vice and pull a new section of wire from the tube and cut off the messy part.

Still a long way to go though.

Current hours on build: 14.5

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