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I've ordered a cool new seat from Dime City Motors, which should be arriving to a UPS store near me in the next couple of days. Once I have that, I will figure out exactly how much of the rear frame I need to chop off and re-weld. In the meantime I decided to remove all the superfluous brackets that once upon a time held things like the battery, side covers and air-box. I used my angle grinder for the heavy lifting but will go back over with my Dremel to make things smooth again.

Also today I removed the Suzuki name plates from either side of the gas tank (I had to drill out the screws on one side), and removed all the plastic pin-striping and decals from the tank. This was an arduous job as the decals just wanted to break off in tiny pieces. I decided to use my little space heater to try and make them more flexible by heating them up. This helped tremendously but there was still quite a lot of time spent with a razor blade.

After that I had to try and remove the thirty year old adhesive. This was the worse part of the day, and after repeated soaking of rags with Goo Gone, I cleaned the tag up pretty well. Next project is to fill the places where the Suzuki name plates used to be with body filler and rub down the tank ready to be painted by a local custom car shop. I am thinking of going a deep red/burgundy color with a black insert where your knees would tuck in.

Current hours on build: 6.5

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