Future Look: 1

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So I found this photograph on a motorcycle classifieds ad somewhere in Europe. There was no credit given so I can't tell you who, what, where, except to say it's built on some version of a GS450. 

Anyway, I have been trying to think of how the GS450 will end up looking like. The modern wheels do tend to make me think it will look less like a classic cafe racer, and rather a modern interpretation of one. Then I stumbled upon this photograph, and went "Ah ha!" to a certain extent. So the plan will be to strip the GS450 completely. Repaint the frame silver, blacken the engine, wheels and exhaust. I'm hesitant to put pods on, as that will involve major rejetting issues, but since I am already facing some issue with carburetors, I might as well go the whole nine yards and jump in the deep end. I do so like the clean lines of the pods, and moving the electrics, although in this version I have no idea where they put the battery. Unless it's one of hose super high performance Lithium batteries that are very small and flat It could all be tucked under the seat. Anyway, I think I will put a more traditional cafe racer seat on. I'll leave the tank as stock, but respray it red. Yes, it'll end up being classic red, black and silver... my colors.

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