Old is the New Cool

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I initially purchased this bike back on the 6th August 2010 for my girlfriend to learn to ride on. Well, she's since moved on, and so I am left with nothing much but the bike.

It had only 7000 miles on the clock and had been sitting for the last twenty odd years in someones carport waiting to be rescued. The guy I bought it from had thrown in a new battery, some fresh gas, and it started right up. Really surprizing. That length of time and I would have expected the carbs to be totally trashed with old gas and the varnish it leaves behind. So for $400 and a trip to Polusboro with a borrowed truck, I picked up a nice starter bike.

We did one quick lesson in the carpark of Market Place, and then it was time bring it back to the workshop to strip the carbs, repair fork seals, change the oil, and generally check everything over before we proceeded out onto the open road.

Alas, even with stripping the carbs completely, replacing all the seals, even the boots between the carbs and cylinder heads, there is a fuel starvation issue going on. I'm a little bit stumped, as everything checks out right. It's not like someone ripped out the airbox and threw on some pods, without changing the jets. It's wearing the stock exhuast. Everything is stock. So I'm back to rebuilding the carbs again, this time being absolutely meticulious. I will fix this problem.

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