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I love Photoshop. As a professional photographer I use it every day, and I probably only use about 10% of it's true power. Retouching is my main purpose; removing a wrinkle here, a blemish there. Occasionally removing a whole object like a tree, or car, or that crazy uncle photo-bombing someone's wedding day. It has also come in useful for imagining what certain colors of gas tank might look on Natasha. I'm a big follower of silver, black, and red. Let's just say silver is a predominate vehicle color for me. (Everything since I was twenty has been silver, aside a white Toyota Previa minivan... but we won't talk about that.)

I was going to just repaint the tank silver again, in keeping with Natasha's original colors; maybe including some nice detailing. But when I started messing around in Photoshop with a Hue/Saturation layer, suddenly I saw Natasha in a deep red; could it be called Russian Red?

But a solid color just seems a little too plain. So I printed out a few different angles of the tank after I had colorized the tank red. With the aid of a extra fine pen and a new black sharpie, I started to throw out some ideas. I couldn't imaging doing this in Photoshop. Maybe Illustrator, but since I'm not going to spend a week being myself up to a decent speed learning that program, I decided it was easier to do it the old fashioned way.

Sometime the simplest things can bring the greatest pleasure. Yes, after a while I started to get a bit tired of filling all the black squares, but the end result was mock-ups of a few ideas. I am definitely more enthusiastic about the chess board pattern across the top of the tank. We'll see what the custom painter I found in Pittsburgh has to say about that. It's got to be easier than doing flames or skulls, right? 

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