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So there are times when I struggle with not getting wrapped up in Perfection. I've been working very hard at controlling my OCDness and just letting the flow of the bike take me where it wants to. I noticed today that I was slightly out on the brake/turn signal bracket; I mean you wouldn't notice it unless looking dead on from behind. I know I cut one side of the rear frame about 1/16" less than the other, but the Suzuki welder for that day sometime in 1980 was a little off with his measurements as well, so it was something to be tolerated. But of course that small error gets built into successive components, each one trying to compensate for the previous. There is something to be said for doing it right the first time.

I know the error is there, and it bothers me, but I am leaving it. As much as I want to cut everything off and start again, I'm not. The brake light/turn signal combination under the seat isn't as graceful as I want, but it works. And if there is anything about cafe racers, it was that FUNCTION always outranked FORM. But still, I think there is room for balance of those two elements.

On the next GS450, I'll do it differently. Yes, the next bike will be another GS450. I think it's good to specialize. Every builder has their favorite model, and so I think the GS450 will be mine. With each successive build I'll add to my knowledge. Who knows what the sixth or sixteenth iteration will look like?

Current hours on build: 10.5

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